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Les Pragois

Les Pragois – Prague graffiti and street art in Paris
19. červen – 22. září 2009

Exhibition of Prague based graffiti, street art and conceptual art artists.
Jan Kaláb, Matěj Olmer, Michal Škapa, Štěpán Soukup, Jan Zdvořák

Czech graffiti and street art legendary figures; artists, whose works have far outreached the formal limits of signature. Each of them representing a unique style, each of them pushing the limits of abstract art, be it graphics, expressive painting, 3D installations, videoart or conceptual art.

The concept of the exhibition is based on free expression of the artists who work within the given space, on their collaboration and mutual complementation. The project is truly cross-national; its essence lies in the moment of meeting of Czech artists with the artists from the hosting city. Also fundamental is the moment when artists come together in the space dedicated to creative work, when 3D installations, objects, paintings and performances originate spontaneously.